Monday, July 25, 2016

Pokèmon, X-Box, and Good tasting food

Post surgery - Pre 7th cycle of chemo

Hello our Forte Fighters!
This week was AMAZING to say the least! Obviously, Iron Man Cam is healing at a Iron Man pace! His blisters have healed up, his stitches have scabbed over, and he finally was able to bend his knee yesterday! But... Don't kid yourself, his leg and arm still throb on the constant. Thank goodness for pain killers though! :)
We definitely have been counting our many blessings as a family. With pain killers and fast healing being at the top of our list, believe it or not, the new Pokèmon craze follows on that list as it has brought our Cam-o motivation and instant gratification to push himself and let us push him around the neighborhood in his wheelchair collecting Pokèmon! (Us sisters like the workout as well as we push all 210 pounds of him up our gnarly draper hills! Haha.)
Cute Kristi and Lindsey came to visit! Love them!
Cam's good friends, Austin and Tate also moved the X-Box upstairs so Cam could play from the couch... So zombie shootings or minecraft can usually be heard from our living room when all the boys come over to visit! :)
Rad Toby at J Dawgs gifting
Cam with a rad T-shirt!

Another blessing this week has definitely been food! Since its been four weeks since Cam has had Chemo, food has been getting its taste back! So since he goes in for Chemo tomorrow, food will go back to tasting like metal. So we made sure to go get Cam a J-Dawgs polish dog! Where we actually met the owner, Toby, and he asked about Cam's crutches. What a cool dude, as he ended up looking up THIS blog on the spot and told Cam, "the million dollar man", what a fighter he was and gifted him this cool t-shirt and some certificates to make sure Cam gets his J Dawg fix when needed during this fight! :) Thanks Toby for putting a smile on our Cam-o's face! :)

Anyways our dearest family and fellow Forte Fighters, Cam goes in for chemo tomorrow. Thank goodness it's only the 3-dayer though! Please keep him in your prayers that this poison won't have any dramatically negative effects on his healing leg and slightly still swollen arm!
We love you all!!

Love, The Forte Sisters! 😘

p.s. videos below:
1. Cam catching his Pokèmon
2. Cam's Pokèmon groupies: Jo, Dom, & Dylan
3. Cam punting a football from his wheelchair at Draper Park.. #hesstillgotitbaby