Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cam's Last Chemo!

DECEMBER 3, 2016
Our Beloved Friends and Family!
We apologize for our busy lives and not updating the blog for a couple months. The last few months of Cam’s cancer journey have been tedious and strenuous on Cam and our family, but we could not be happier to announce that last Saturday Cameron finished his chemo treatments and is doing so well! His last chemo treatment was a 5-dayer and he was pretty out of it, sleeping majority of the time. He doesn’t remember much of those 5 days, which is probably for the better. Cam started his final bag of chemo at 3 in the morning and was able to be discharged around 1:30pm for (hopefully, we pray) the last time ever!

We celebrated with Cam as he was deaccessed from his port for the last time and shed some joyful tears! His nurse poked her head in and said, “Cam, we’re ready for you!” When our family walked out of that room, the most hopeful and joyful feeling came over each one of us! When Cam rounded the corner, there stood 25 of Cam’s nurses that had treated him so well for the past 9-months, applauding for him and cheering him on for the major accomplishment! They sang to him and gave him gifts, followed by Cam’s victorious ringing of the bell! After dreaming of this moment for 9-months, Cam finally walked over to that bell and rang it so loudly, several times, that I’m sure everyone on our floor could hear it! It was such a beautiful experience to watch Cam celebrate and close the door to that difficult time period of his life!

Cam will have his final MRI and PET scans on Tuesday, December 13th and we will know if the cancer is gone completely! We will be holding our final family fast on that day and we invite each of you to join with us!

Words cannot fully express the fullness of happiness and joy that we each feel along with our immense gratitude for each individual person that has been there for our family to help bear us up in our time of need. Our family has been so very blessed with ministering angels from day one, and we could not be more grateful to our Heavenly Father and each one of you!

 The hair on Cam’s head is growing back so soft and fuzzy and going in all directions. They say that chemotherapy patient’s hair typically will come in a different color and coarseness, so we are anxiously awaiting what Cam’s will look like!

Cam is regaining his strength and is already hitting up the gym with his little brother, Dylan. He will be starting physical therapy on his leg within the next couple weeks and will start strengthening his muscles and correcting his limp. 

We thank you all again for all of your love and constant support to each of us and love you all more than you will ever know!

With love,
The Forte Sisters