Monday, August 1, 2016

Look who came over last week... AND WANTED #31 ON HIS HEAD!!

One of our close family friends, Donny Hartman, came over last week to visit before he starts his 8 hours a day for five days of treatment. He was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer and his prognosis is three treatments of chemo! We have all been touched by his admiration, especially Cameron! Donny was blown away by Cameron's positivity and outlook on his situation. Cam's story has touched Donny's life and he was so adamant with having Cam's football number, 31, written in sharpie on his head! We ask all to keep Donny in your prayers these next two months as he conquers this disease! We're all rooting for you Donny! We love you and your beautiful family! 

This past week Cameron was scheduled for his first treatment of chemo from his "break" (Well if you call a "leg reconstruction" a break...But he did have a good break from chemo for two weeks as his body healed and attempted to regain his strength.) It was so refreshing for him to have his mind clear and not all foggy from the chemo...Even considering the oxycodone... His mind is quick and he was loving being able to eat food and have it be enjoyable. He said he gained about 70% of his taste back. But the time had to come and Cam is continually kicking cancer's butt! Luckily he only had two days in the hospital, but boy were they brutal! We would say that this round of chemo has been the most difficult as his body is weaker and not as strong with fighting the chemicals. We're feeling all of the prayers and blessings of the priesthood as Cam is regaining his strength and his spirits. The fight isn't over, the journey may be long, but we're not giving up until it's all gone! Thank you everyone for all of your love and support! We love you guys and are continually grateful for all of the service and encouragement our family has ben given.