Friday, May 27, 2016

Visiting Miss Forte's 4th grade at Dual Immersion Academy

This week Cam was total trooper as he agreed to come and visit my hyper-active fourth grade class out in Glendale at DIA (Dual Immersion Academy elementary school). Through this whole experience I have kept my 58 students in the know of my brother's situation and his day to day updates (mostly because I didn't want them to think their teacher was going through a rebellious streak when I showed up to class with half my head shaved! haha.) My cute students have been so supportive and are always writing Cam get-well-soon notes and little drawings of inspiration. After seeing the KSL story of Cam they all began to write #fightingforforte and #31 on their hands and wrists in support at recess. Needless to say, a visit from Cam was a dream for my students! Since I knew he had his 4th week of chemotherapy this Wednesday, I asked Cam if he would come by and visit my little kiddos before his blood counts got too low to be able to enter a high-germ facility like an elementary school.
We planned it out perfectly, so that I'd be reading to both my classes when their "surprise visitor" would walk through the door. As the door opened my mom walked in first, which caused a silence in the room then my sister (who they all thought was my twin), which caused a greater silence followed by a whisper of questioning, ultimately followed by the man of hour, Cam, which caused all my students to stop and pause for a minute. Upon realizing who had just walked into my classroom they began to point and cheer which eventually turned into a great applause as a grand welcome to my infamously talked about little brother, into our classroom! It was truly a beautiful thing to witness. I even had one student that shed a few tears because, "she was so happy to finally meet Cameron!"
After calming down my overly excited students, we had a mini question and answer session as my students asked Cam questions about "how he felt when he broke his leg" and "if he feels weird in public without hair". (Kids say the darnest things! haha.) I definitely had a "Proud Sister Moment" though, as my baby brother confidently answered my student's questions about his whole experience.
All in all, Monday was a great day over in Glendale and I was so proud to be able to call this stud, Cameron Forte, my very own blood! :) Everyday Cam continues to be a good example and inspiration to those known and unknown! (Including YOU who is reading this at this very moment!) I have no doubt that this past Monday afternoon will not be the last time Cam will speak to youth who look up to him and admire his strength and courage! I love you Cam! Thanks for being you!

Miss Forte's 4th grade class at Dual Immersion Academy with Cam