Sunday, May 1, 2016

Second Round of Chemo Updates from Momma..

Hey My lovelies!!!!! 😘😘😘
Went to my first sacrament meeting up here

Love & support from our cute cousins all the way in Texas!!

at primary's!!! It was very inspiring &
I'm sitting here in a hospital room with Cameron, watching "Divergent"!!!!!!😜
We've been here for five days & get to go home today!!!!!!  ðŸ½YAYAYAYAYAY!!!
Cameron just finished his fifth day of his second treatment of chemo!!!💪🏽
I'm SOOO incredibly proud of him..... He's handling everything SOOO Amazingly Brave.....💪🏽
He has his down moments, but then four buddies will come up & they will be playing cards & singing to iTunes!!!! Thank you God for dear friends that are truly "HIS ANGELS!!!" Just taking it one day at a time ... Ya know!?!!
It's very real now.... I'm praying for strength... To be strong for him... Cuz he hates to see me emotional!!!!! The nausea medicines are really helping Cameron get through these long days here at the hospital!!!!!!
We feel everyone's prayers & family like you...... make this world a sweeter place!!!

Tight hugs !!!!!
Miss you all!!!