Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fourth treatment of Chemo, Graduation, and Missionary homecoming

What a wild week it has been! Things around the Forte household have been quite eventful and exciting! Cam has been feeling so good, he walked with all of his best pals at his graduation from Corner Canyon High School. If that's not exciting enough, the next night our little sister Domi came home from her LDS mission in Thailand!!!! Our family is now complete with all 7 of us finally reunited after 3.5 long years! So much happiness! 

Cam completed his 4th round of chemo last week and once again handled it like a champ! Although he felt fine, his red blood cell count was on the brink of being too low, so he got his first blood transfusion the last day of his treatment and felt rejuvenated. Thank goodness for blood donors and modern medicine. Everyone, if you are able, go give your blood for all the people in great need of it! 

Both of us sisters, Jordan and Shaunie, gave our wonderful mom a break over memorial weekend and took turns spending the night up at primary's with Cam. We sure made the best of it and had some great bonding moments. Along with the bonding, We both developed so much empathy for our sweet brother and all of the cancer patients and their families that fight together for their lives. In such a short time, we both met people who had babies and small children battling the same awful disease in situations much worse than Cam, and it broke our hearts. All I know is that the Lord is beside each and every one of them and He sends legions of angels to constantly protect them. We are so grateful Cam is doing as well as he is and again thank you all for your constant love and prayers on his behalf. 

Signing off,
Cam's older sisters, Jordan & Shaunie :)

Finally have our baby Domi
to now help us with the blog too! ;)