Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Update..

Hey hey my lovelies!
We just wanted to update you all on this beautiful Saturday about the status of Cam. He goes in for his fourth treatment of chemo in two days and he's obviously dreading those long hospital overnighters... BUT he's Mr. Optimism about EVERYTHING! So we wanted to share some REAL details about his current situation that can be hidden behind his huge positive smile and jolly laugh!
Chemotherapy sucks. There's no other way to put it. In and out of chemo his energy levels are definitely gets down which causes him to sleep ALOT. He often has aching muscles and bones. He also goes trough cycles of getting mouth sores from the chemo which are extremely painful and constantly irritate him throughout the day while he eats and talks. His appetite comes and goes as well. During chemo and right after all food tastes like metal, but the nurses scared him in the beginning when they told him that if he doesn't force himself to eat when it tastes bad then he will have to have a feeding tube... So... lets just say, he eats. :)
A big blessing that he has had so far is the nausea medication! Sometimes with other cancer fighters, the medication doesn't work and many patients vomit on the daily while going through chemo. Cam has been very very fortunate that he hasn't thrown up yet! However, he is still nauseous on the regular depending on the day and his levels.
His cough that he has had since the beginning has had its ups and downs too. Some days its worse than others, but the nurse told Cam that he will probably have the cough the entire 9 months since his body doesn't have anything to fight it.
Its also crazy because he has a few patches on the back of his head that are growing back... black! Who knows, in 7 months my blonde bro might end up becoming a brunette! haha.
Anyways, he's doing his best to hang out with his friends and try to live a "normal" 18 year old life! He plays Call of Duty and finds new Netflix series weekly to watch. This week's addiction is "The 100"! :)
Please keep Cam in your prayers this week during his fourth treatment of chemo! We're praying that this chemo is shrinking the tumor in his leg and killing the cancer in his system but also that he can keep his spirits up during this fight! :)
Thanks for all your love and support friends and family!
We love you all so much!
-Jordan & Shauntel, Cam's Older Sisters